Christian David Aragón, born in Cali-Colombia, a creative artist made in Buenos Aires-Argentina and working around the globe.


2011 Chris moved to Argentina and studied ‘’Realización Audiovisual’’ at ENERC (escuela nacional de experimentación y realización cinematográfica. Movies, music, photography, theater, video, painting, acting and fashion were and still are the best ingredients to create a new piece of art.


2015 To focus in fashion as wardrobe stylist took Chris to start learning about this magical world at the ‘’Adrian Fagetti School’’ in Buenos Aires, then when all the tools and wisdom he needed to fly away, a new challenge overcome, to teach to a new creative minds and Young artists the art of fashion, In La Paz, Santa Cruz & Cochabamba (Bolivia), after some workshops he went back to Cali and worked as photography and fashion production teacher at UNIVERSIDAD SAN BUENAVENTURA.


2017 Barcelona, Spain & Berlin, Germany


‘’the dreams only become true when the dreamer decides to make them real’’


A trip to Europe open a new world and thousand Windows, everyime the life and the job were getting harder, but with this the results were also bigger, the first publication in YOKO MAGAZINE, FRANCE made Chris starts doing what he loves the most, work in team, with Friends and artists that became Friends because they love and has the neccesary passion to spread the art all around the world.


2019 Now you can find this name under lots of Works, as photographer, art director, producer, wardrobe stylist, assistant and more in magazines such:


-Vanity Teen, London

-Kaltblut Magazine, Berlin

-Laplusbelle, Italy

-Lewis Magazine, Usa

-IMirage Magazine, Usa

-Elegant Magazine, UK

-Feroce Magazine, Uk

-Volant Magazine, Berlin

-Glam Magazine, Colombia

-Mint&Fancy, Colombia

-Period Magazine, China

-Pump Magazine, Usa

-Ellements Magazine, Usa

-Inboga, Argentina

-Regia Mag, Argentina

-Picton Magazine, Usa


Stay tuned every 3 months to see how this list keeps growing up.